Matrix Design Group: Prioritizing Operator Safety And Reliability In Mining Operations

Top 10 Mining Engineering Services Companies 2022

Mining companies require interdependent engines to drive a transformative change. Automated mining equipment and technologies stands out in this regard for improving the productivity and efficiency of mining operations. With the help of AI, ML, and autonomous technologies, workers’ exposure to dangerous underground and surface operations are also reducing.

At this pace, more automated solutions making its way into the mining market, and the industry is expected to grow to $2,737.39 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 8.3 percent.

One trend that is potentially boosting mine safety is drone technology. Drones have a variety of uses in the mining industry, including mine surveys, inventory management, stockpiling estimating, and hotspot identification, among others. Mine surveying can be done using drones to provide detailed information about the sites before mining projects and document their progress to visualize changes in the site over time. They are being used for mine assessment to offer comprehensive knowledge about the sites before the commencement of mining operations and to chronicle their progress to visualize site alterations over time.

To put the spotlight on other key developments in the industry, Metals and Mining Review illustrates how the mining engineering space is leveraging the different advancements in mining. This edition also features thought leadership articles from subject matter experts. Some of the exclusive insights are authored by Paulo Novaes, Industrial Operations Director at Aperam South America, Dorothea “Thea” Soule, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecobat, D. Mark Douglass, Business Development Manager, Additive Solutions at Lincoln Electric, and Serge Gaudin, Director, Sustainability and Strategy at Novelis. They shed light on greenhouse gas emission and capturing neutrality, the action of extracting and reclaiming elements from waste and putting them back to use, and maximizing the quantity and quality of aluminium available for recycling.

In this edition of Metals and Mining Review, we also bring to you the story of the top mining engineering service companies. In the list, the story of Matrix Design Group emphasizes the value of its best-in-class, mining sector-regulated, and operations-friendly applications to enable miners to mitigate worker safety and supply chain-related challenges. We also share the story of Miller Contracting Services, an innovative company that approaches each project with an out-of-the-box attitude aimed at efficiency, higher quality, and safer job sites.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the mining engineering industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Mining Engineering Services Companies

  • Miller Contracting Service is a contracting company that offers fair prices, superb service and quality in the mining and civil contracting space across the United States. The company's innovative approach takes every project with an out-of-the-box attitude that aims at standard quality, efficiency and safer job sites.

  • Matrix Design Group is headquartered in Indiana and has been working on delivering safety and productivity solutions for underground mining, surface mining, and industrial operations since 2006. Its portfolio comprises data networking, communication and tracking, mining proximity detection, and industrial collision avoidance systems, as well as data analytics software.



    MILLER is a family-owned and run business that was established in 2001. They began by specializing in residential, light commercial, and agricultural concrete. Because of its position in the Illinois Coal Basin, they quickly could work on coal mining projects. Since then, they have concentrated solely on the industrial and mining industries

  • Ausenco


    Ausenco is a worldwide corporation that is reinventing what is possible. . They give creative, value-add consulting studies, project delivery, asset maintenance and operation solutions to the mining & metals, oil & gas, and industrial sectors, combining solid technical experience with a 30-year track record

  • Austin Engineering

    Austin Engineering

    Austin provides specialized equipment to big worldwide mining companies, contractors, and original equipment manufacturers. Their unique solutions increase the client's productivity and revenues. They collaborate with leading miners and OEMs to develop customized mining solutions. And they provide these solutions to customers all around the world

  • DMC Mining Services

    DMC Mining Services

    Building Tomorrow's MinesTM entails providing technical competence, creativity, and client-focused solutions on each project. Every day, they are committed to providing businesses with full end-to-end solutions that generate results and long-term value. They are constructing tomorrow's mines now via innovation and technology-driven mining solutions

  • Mining Plus

    Mining Plus

    Mining Plus is the Premier provider of mining technical services, including specialists in geology, mining engineering (surface and underground), geotechnical engineering, mine ventilation, and operational management. Mining Plus may collaborate smoothly with business project teams to achieve outcomes whether working remotely or on-site

  • Premier Technology

    Premier Technology

    Premier Technology is at the forefront of innovation. Manufacturing is an ancient enterprise, and most firms of Premier's scale have been in operation for several decades. Premier employs robot welders, laser processing, and other automated processes to increase product quality and efficiency

  • Robert Collins Company

    Robert Collins Company

    Robert Collins Company was created in 1958 by Robert O' Collins and his father in Barnwell, South Carolina. Robert "Shank" Collins, the fourth generation, is currently the owner and operator of the family business. The organization obtains top-of-the-line heavy equipment and technology for its expert operators and workers to provide world-class outcomes on schedule

  • SRK Consulting

    SRK Consulting

    SRK Consulting provides an unbiased, technically thorough opinion on the viability of your project at all phases of mine operation and development. Existing operations benefit from their due diligence assessments and audit and engineering services, which allow customers to optimize production, evaluate and reduce risk, increase safety, and maximize profitability

  • The Weir Group PLC

    The Weir Group PLC

    Weir's commitment to service is as extensive as its global network. They are risen to the top of the business by collaborating closely with clients and applying their engineering knowledge to make business more efficient. Weir offers an unrivaled global service and production network, which means its engineers are available when and when they need them